Beekeeper - KOUMPANIOS PANTELIS - Tilos Island - Dodekanissa

Upon inspection of his hives, at the begining of the year, Pantelis observed infestation of the combs in all hives by Nosemosis - Nosema apis spores.

Samples have been taken and sent to the relevant laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the nearby island of Rodos, Κ.Κ.Ι.Α, and upon examination the following certificate had been issued:
26/3/2008 . Reg. Number of the case 1402.
Subject "Examination results"

"We wish to inform you, that the microscopic analysis of your sample which you sent to us, revealed that, same, is infested by the spores of Nosema Apis.

Fuerhtermore please note that as there is no pharmaceutical treatment for eliminating this disease, we recomment that you proceed with "beekeeping practices" only for elimination of the Nosemosis".

Under above circumastances Pantelis contacted us, requesting our assistance for elimination of the Nosemosis. Unfortunately, in the examination results it was not specified neither the number of spores nor the degree of infestation of infestation was mentioned, however Pantelis advised that there exists an acute case of Nosemosis.
He described the situation as follows:
-Plenty of yellow to brown streaks in the flight deck,inside and outside the hives.
-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives unable to fly.
-The bellies of the bees were swollen.

We proceeded and despatched the products along with the application instructions for the elimination of Nosemosis.

Three applications, each one in intervals of six days, taken place during April 2008, by spraying the solution directly to the bees inside the hives.(It is not required to take the frames out of the hive).

A pleasantly surpried Pantelis reported at the begining of May 2008, that to his amazement, a week later after the completion of the 3rd application, all symptoms of Nosemosis have been DISAPPEARED, the inside of the hives is appearing extremely clean with the wax frames shining, and the bees maintain an incredible health, with their immune system boosted, ready for work.

Pantelis' succesful results did not came as a surprise to us.
These results, simply confirmed the countless of similar results which the beekeepers from all over Greece are reporting to us, after treating their combs for the Noemosis' elimination with our products.

They also confirm the efficacy of the products ALOE VERA CENTER is recommending, and they can safely be included in the "beekeeping practices" in eliminating various bees' conditions, without resorting to chemicals or pharmaceutical solutions and treatments.
We start from the point people would say "THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE", and four weeks later are amazed from the astonishing results.

Pantelis is an English spoken beekeeper, for any one who wants to contact him.

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