THE SUCCESS STORY of the Nosemosis and Nosema Apis’ elimination goes on….
Beekeeper: PARADHISIS ARGIRIS – Location: Kos Island , East Greece

Argiris noticed symptoms of Nosemosis caused by Nosema apis, in the entire apiary once the season of forage in pine trees ended on about September 2007. He had not means for microscopic analysis, however after visual examination he described the symptom as follows:

-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives inactive, slothful and unable to fly
-Plenty of yellow to brown streaks in the flight deck, inside and outside the hives and in the environment around...
We suggested THREE applications with the Aloe Vera Drink No 15 along with the mixture of Bee Propolis tablets.

Selected application: By spraying the bees inside the hives.
The three applications effected during the period of first half of October 2007.

Beginning of November 2007, Argiris reported to us the following:
1.Five days after the first application, he noticed that the amount of streaks inside and outside the hives was reduced down to 50%.
2.Five days after the second application, he noticed not any more remainders inside the hives, but only in the flight deck.
3.Three days after the third application all symptoms of Nosemosis have been disappeared, the bees returned to a remarkable health status, becoming very active.

We checked the status of Argiris’ apiary at the beginning of the year 2008, and a very happy Argiris declared that he suffered no losses during the winter time, the bees’ extremely good health is maintained with very active and strongly flying bees and she shall repeat the applications in May purely for prevention purposes.

We thank Argiris for his reports.

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