Almost every day, some article it will appear in the press, printed and electronic, regarding the beehives and the COLLONIES COLLAPSE DISORDER - C.C.D – These articles, being recycled with impressive speed, in a way ring the “bell of” danger and spreading mainly panic in the apiarists of almost every country.

Analyses upon analyses, opinions upon cross opinions and endless theories for the eventual causes are seen the light of publicity, with regards the C.C.D., without actually to offer itself a concrete explanation of this Syndrome.

Governments they began to finance scientific studies, in an effort to find a solution to explain this phenomenon, and it is just natural that the concern of apiarists is increased.

Whilst the concern takes into the hearts of the apiarist in almost of the entire world, it seems that over and above 600 apiarists in my country (and their number is increasing daily) , closely working and cooperating with our ALOE VERA CENTER, are not concerned at all about C.C.D.

Allow me to elaborate a bit further:

A very important factor in the Apiculture is the elimination of bees’ disappearance from the hives, due to any cause and simultaneously the increase of the colonies population.
This factor is of vital importance for the apiarist, because the elimination of bees’ disappearance along with the simultaneous rapid increase of colonies population, offers to him the possibility, of achieving multiple objectives at the duration of apiarian period.

These objectives are:
Elimination of diseases. All researches and all advices of scientists and experts, lead always to the same conclusion. Maintaining strong colonies and healthy bees, almost all diseases are avoided in the apiary.
Recuperation of lost colonies’ population. Even if it comes to the worst, and it is happening in a apiarist to suffer population losses for various reasons, as poisonings, diseases, accidents etc, with the offered by us possibility, of an immediate increase of colonies population in very small time intervals, the balance in his apiary and his and pocket is not disturbed.
Preparing the bees with programmed plans and applications that we propose, the apiarist can enjoy the maximum of collection of each flora.

As an example:
The collection of 35-40 kilos honey bee, per hive from our apiarists, reached last year, is already considered today as a natural fact, against the collection of the 5-7 kilos of honey from the other apiarists of same region, and against the collection of honey of previous years.

When the beehives of one of our apiarist were full with 10 frames, at the beginning of the new season, with very strong, healthy and busy bees, and his neighbor colleague hives were with 3 frames, with sick and unable to fly bees, our apiarist was considered “lucky”.

Even at a period when a “vacuum of flora” existed and with the appropriate preparation of the colny, the beehives filled with honey, the fact, whilst at first glance was considered “inexplicable”, it was in fact very simple afterwards when the explanations were given.

When the last quarter of the year 2007, islanders of “rocky” Greek islands, transmitted SOS for their colonies population losses, because of the prolonged drought, and the islanders were talking for an inexplicable “Collapse of Colonies Population” in their hives, the results of our planned applications that we have prepared were as follows:

The immediate and drastic STOP of the Colonies population disappearance and losses.
The exceptionally increase of new brood eggs, with natural consequence the increased production of a SOLID and healthy NEW brood in the entire surface of the frames from wall-to-wall.
After 20-25 days, and after the completion of the proposed applications, it was observed the well known to us increase of bees population which indeed exceeded every expectation, at the rate of the 100% population increase.

When, however, after such results the dry period was continued, with the entire lack of flora of any kind, neither ourselves nor the apiarists stood with “hands up”. They took our advise and suggestions and repeated the applications for another month, so that again young and very strong brood appeared, new frames and floors were added in the beehives, until in October finally the so much expected and desired rainfalls came, the flora around opened and the bees began to do what they know very well, i.e. to collect the goods and the products of the mother nature.

In Cyprus, it is known that the apiculture was destroyed in 2008 because of the drought. The, once upon the time, strong colonies of the beehives of the two and three floors, left miserably singly hives with two-three frames of population in January 2009.
Everyone was speaking for the mysterious “Colony Collapse Disorder” phaenomenon

The first trials in 30 beehives of 3 frames population, in January 2009, had as result the rapid increase of bees population, and in April 2009, the 30 beehives became THREE FLOORED. The initial surprise continued. The FIRST COLLECTION of HONEY was a FACT. The optimism and the grins returned in the hearts and the lips of the Cypriot apiarists.

These results and many others are published to our blog http://bees-aloevera.blogspot.com in Greek language, and this is the reasons that we placed a “Google translator”, for those who care to find out what is going on in the Greek Apiculture and the solutions we provide.

However some of these results are published to this blog as well . We sincere apologize, because there are not more articles in English or in another language German or French.

Following such achievements it just logical that a lot of queries to be raised as to how it can happen these things. However the things are SO MUCH SIMPLE for those that they want and have the desire to see what's going on in the world of bees.

Someone called Jay Abraham, said: “You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don't see them”.

- Those that read the results, and decide to take the destiny of their apiaries in their hands, cross the information with their colleagues, and they adhere in our Beekeepers Network , achieving themselves similar and/or better still results. IT IS JUST TOO SIMPLE.

- Those that read the results, and having queries, we provide them with additional information, for their further consideration.

What we know ourselves is that the good development and increase of population of the colonies depend on:
- The age and the faculty of the queen to lay eggs.
- The number of adult worker bees, so that the correct temperature inside the hives is ensured, as well as the proper feeding of the brood is achieved.
- The sufficiency of natural resources of the particular region of the apiary
- The correct management by the apiarist, with the suitable per season handlings and applications of products of Aloe Vera.

With a Network of roughly 600 apiarists:
- With a great attention to ensure that the queen lays much more eggs than the usual.
- Increasing the number of extremely healthy bees.
- Creating “armies” of bees ready to fight.
- Adding to their food the essential natural resources, along with the suitable handlings per season.
We accomplished an great achievement and we changed the apiculture “SO SIMPLY” from a tiring and money eating job into a PLEASANT AND PROFITABLE PROFESSION.

What you will choose yourselves?

The incredible well-being of healthy bees, the very fast increase of colonies’ population, and the increase of honey production?


The syndrome of Colonies Collapse Disorder, and other suffered diseases?

Write us advising the problems you are confronted with. Or leave at comment in our blog.
We shall provide you with the solution.
It is so Simple.

Alexandros Coutroumanides
Athens - Greece
Phone: +30.6944.710993
E-mail: info@bees-aloevera.com

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