ANOTHER REMARKABLE SUCCESS STORY of Nosemosis and Nosema Apis’ elimination.

Beekeeper: Maroulis Socrates – Location: Lixouri –Cephallonia Island , West Greece

Socrates maintains an apiary consisting of 300 hives with population of 10 frames each.
When he contacted us had already lost 50 hives and acute Nosemosis was blamed for such losses.
The hive’s population to remained 250 hives it had been reduced down to 4 frames, average per hive, on 20/3/2008..

An over concerned Socrates reported that the conditions of the infested bees were:

-Black bees present in most of the hives.(It was suspected “Forrest disease” as well).
-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives inactive, slothful and unable to fly
-Plenty of yellow streaks in the flight deck and on the hives and the outside.
-A general slow spring build up was very obvious.

Because the microscopic analysis showed “Acute Nosemosis”, we suggested four applications instead the normal three applications.
We supplied Socrates with the appropriate number of Aloe Vera drink No 15 and other products containing vitamins and amino acids, along with the application instructions and he proceeded accordingly.

Selected application: By spraying the bees inside the hives.
First application effected on 23/02/2007
Second “ “ on 28/02/2007
Third “ “ on 4/03/2007
Fourth “ “ on 10/03/2007

Upon inspection of the apiary on 13/03/2008 Socrates reported his observations:

-Symptoms of Nosemosis DISAPPEARED entirely from the apiary.
-There is still a very small number of black bees, but they look very healthy and very active.
-Adult bees of the entire apiary, regained their strength, are extremely healthy with very strong wings’ fluttering. Incredibly active, and busy swarms in the entire apiary.
-NEW BROOD. Appeared Healthy, SOLID, COMPACT, wall-to-wall.
-Socrates estimates that all hives would have a population of a minimum 10 frames per hive in three weeks time.

We can assist you too, to achieve similar results.

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