A REMARKABLE SUCCESS STORY of Nosemosis and Nosema Apis’ elimination.
Beekeeper: Nicos Arsenopoulos – Location: Istiea –Evia, Central Greece

Nicos had a dream. He wanted to build an apiary with 500 hives, so that can dedicate all his time looking after his apiary, thus fulfilling his grandfather’s wish. Working very hard he was pumping money to the apiary in his effort to see his dream coming true.
Thus he had managed and maintained an apiary of about 500 hives between of 2002-2006.
To his much regret, the apiary was infested by Nosemosis, Sacbrood diseases and Varroa, resulting to the loss of 250 hives in mid 2006...
As above disaster was not enough, another blow hit Nicos’ apiary. During the period September 2006 –May 2007 he lost another 170 hives.Nosemosis was blamed, and he had left with 80 hives, all very weak, with population not exceeding the 5 frames of adult bees and 2 frames of brood.

The conditions of the infested bees were:

A) By Nosemosis – Nosema Apis
-Bees with swollen abdomen, unable to defecate.
-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives with tremor, inactive, slothful and unable to fly
-Plenty of yellow streaks in the flight deck and inside the hives.
-A general slow spring build up was very obvious.

We supplied Nicos with the appropriate number of Aloe Vera drink No 15, along with the application instructions and he proceeded accordingly.

B) By Chalkbrood – Apis Ascosphaera
-Visible symptoms of Chalkbrood in the 80% of brood population in each hive.
-Scarce and scant brood in the frames
-Average population of brood 1-2 frames per hive

D) Population of adult bees were at 5 frames per hive

E) Despite the rich flowering in the area, marginal quantities of honey bee were in the hives.

We agreed with Nicos to start tackling the Nosemosis first, and go step-by-step to restore the conditions in all hives.

Applications with Aloe Vera Drink No 15 commenced on 08/05/2007 by spraying the bees.
Second Application by spraying the bees effected on 11/05/2007
Third application by spraying the bees effected on 17/05/2007.

Upon inspection of the apiary on 20/5/2007 it was observed:
-Symptoms of Nosemosis DISAPPEARED.
-Symptoms of Chalkbrood reduced down to 90%
-NEW BROOD. Appeared Healthy, SOLID, COMPACT, wall-to-wall reaching 5 frames per hive, i.e. an incredible increase in excess of 300%.
-HONEYBEE. Amazing quantities were accumulated.
-The wax appeared very clean and shiny.
-Incredibly active and very strong and busy swarms in the entire apiary.

In such conditions Nicos decided and loaded the apiary on to the truck on 25/5/2007, and transported the apiary across to the mainland, Karpenisi area where fir flowering was commencing.

Nicos enjoys today an apiary with 140 hives, all double and triple floored, with healthy bees, he estimates that he shall have in September close to 300 hives and he looks forward to see his dream coming true by next year, thanks to the constant treatment of his bees with the Aloe Vera Products and the recommendations of our Aloe Vera Center.

We can assist you too, to overcome suck kind of problems.

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