Dear Bekeeper,
Two years have already gone, since I introduced the application of the Aloe Vera juice and other products, such as Tablets of Bee Pollen, Tablets of Bee-Propolis and tablets of B12 vitamins, (all products produced by Forever) in my effort to assist the Beekeepers of my country in eliminating the various conditions of the bees.

A brief recap of the events:

NOSEMOSIS: The success in eliminating this condition reached 97%. The 3% failure is caused to the “smartness” of certain beekeepers who “know everything”.

BROOD MINOR DISEASES. The success in eliminating the brood diseases of all kind reached the 100%. There is an exception. It does not work only when the products are mixed with the sirup.

POPULATION INCREASE:. It is unbelievable. Beekeepers are “complaining”, having too much work adding and adding new frames into the hives and adding floors. Have succeeded over 100% increase by adding the Vitamins B12 and tablets of Bee Pollen to the Aloe Vera juice. Exception. The Caucasus breed of bees are resisting to fast increase.

AMERICAN & EUROPEAN FOOL BROOD: 4 AFB and 2 EFB cases, successfully treated, giving serious hope that it works in these conditions as well.

COLONIES COLLAPSE DISORDER (CCD): I dealt with 3 beekeepers in particular since May 2007, who had been fallen victims of CCD, having lost more than 50% of their heaves. A year later they started regaining the lost population. How I did it? I introduced periodical treatment of the bees throughout the year, especially prior and after transportation and prior changing the kind of blossom.

VARROA: Still puzzled. After two reported cases in which the beekeepers witnessed dead varroa outside the heaves, the majority of the beekeepers are reporting that after treating the bees with the given prescription, noticing no Varroa attacks to the brood.
Some beekeepers are reporting that whilst proceeded with no treatment against Varroa last year, they do not see varroa mites in the hives this year.
I started monitoring closer a number of professional beekeepers in order to study more carefully the results.

HONEY: Almost all beekeepers, especially the ones treating the bees all year round, are reporting a 30% increase of honey production last year.. The beekeepers of the Islands turned crazy as their honey is the most expensive in the country (thyme),

The number of beekeepers joining me and working together , treating the bees with natural products ONLY, reached the 400.
This number corresponds to the 6% of the professional beekeepers of my country.

We keep going……

Kind regards
Alexandros Koutroumanides
6, Theokr;itou Str.
GR- 175 63 Paleo Faliro
Phone: +30.21.9823241 & +30.6944-710993

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