“If you tell me, I will listen। If you show me, I will see। If you allow me to try, I will learn।” Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher 6 BC.
That’s how we started our involvement in the beekeeping industry two years ago.

Since then and having built a substantial Beekeepers Network in Greece , we listen and we monitor on daily basis the experience gained by the Greek beekeepers for the efficacy of the applications of Aloe Vera Products tried on their beehives and treating the various bees’ conditions, especially the Nosemosis.

After the prohibition of the use of Fumidil the last three years, the beekeepers in our country became in despair as no alternative treatment was introduced, resulting to Nosema Apis multiplication and stronger thus more resistant.

As it is known, an infestation with 100 spores, it causes the infestation of all colon cells of the bees . In such case 30 to 50 million of spores are present in the midgut of the bee. If the bee is unable to defecate, up to250 million of spores could be find to the bees.

In some instances some of the spores remain at a lethargic stage, looking to the first opportunity to burst, thus no visible signs of symptoms are noticed, other than the very familiar signs of the bees laziness.

Some of the favorable conditions for the spores’ burst are:

The fatigue of the bees from the many and frequent flights.
The rich and heavy floral composition ( fir, pine, thyme etc.)
The change of floral composition
The relocation of the hives from place to place.
The areas with increased humidity.
During rain periods, and after these periods.

In other instances, due to favorable for the spore conditions, have already being burst and the symptoms are visible everywhere. In the hive’s covers, the fly deck, and in the floor as well.

All above facts made known to us by a number of beekeepers, agronomists and veterinary surgeons specializing in the beekeeping industry.

We had no experience in the beekeeping practice. What we knew ourselves from our experience of various applications to the animals, almost of all species, it was the efficacy of the Aloe Vera Gel and other products of Forever Living Products, to the epithelial tissue, considering that the epithelial tissues which are provided by the skin, digestive and respiratory systems, are an animal’s first defense to a disease producing agent. If these are breached by a micro organism or foreign substance, specialized cells of the immune system-white blood cells-engulf them or neutralize them with antibodies.

We entered to the beekeeping almost accidentally, as most of the cases with Aloe Vera happen.

A veterinary surgeon, with whom I was closely working the products to the animals, asked me one day of June 2006, whether Aloe Vera can play a role to Nosemosis as well, explaining to me that Nosemosis is a bee’s disease, affecting very badly the colonies placing the country’s beekeepers in constrains.

My answer it was “What do we have to lose by trying it at the bees?”.

My friend understood clearly my comment and counter commented, that “I should try it to my father’s hives immediately as the honey collection days were just weeks away.
One week after the first application, my vet surgeon friend reported that “symptoms of Nosemosis were decreased down to the 50%.
By the end of the second week, and after the second application he reported that “symptoms” have now decreased down to 70-80%.
By the end of the third week, and after the third application he reported shouting “THIS IS IT. IT’S ALL OVER. No sign of Nosemosis in the apiary of my father.

I, instantly felt, and an inner voice were shouting at me. “Go and find the beekeepers of the country and assist them to overcome their problems. You have a duty to assist these people and save them from their constrains and financial losses from which are suffering.

And we started, going from beekeeper to beekeeper. 400 beekeepers from all over the country joined my Network to-date and this number is increasing with a rather fast pace every month. This number represents in fact over the 6% of the declared professional beekeepers of my country.

The almost absolute success in fighting Nosemosis reached the impressive percentage of 97%, whilst the 3% is still a matter reconsideration of certain techniques which we try these days.

Very soon the beekeepers asked our assistance for fighting the brood diseases.
The results there were successful by 100 %.
All the minor brood diseases such as SAC BROOD, BALD BROOD, CHALK BROOD and similar conditions, are now considered as past history for the beekeepers in our country..

In order to assist further the beekeepers, we made a special program aiming to the recuperation of the lost hives and population from which they were suffering the last years.

We are indeed very proud today, because one-by-one the beekeepers of our Network started and recovering their losses.

With this program we brought a 100% increase of the population of their Apiaries, irrespective the age of their queens.

In their majority the beekeepers are now confessing a 30-35 increase of honey production over the year.
Their colonies are very busy now, running tireless, free of conditions from which suffered in the past in a extreme good health conditions.

Sounds as a dream?

It is the reality.

Should you know some Greek beekeepers ask them. It could well be that among them there would be some friends of yours, who cal tell you about it.

Don’t you think that time came for you too, to take the benefit of our programs and their applications and resolves all the current problems?

Just ask us.

We can assist you too.

With friendly regards
Alexandros Koutroumanides
Phone: +30.210.9823241 & +30.6944-710993
E-mail: info@bees-aloevera com
Blog : http://bees-aloevera.blogspot.com/

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