Success of Nosemosis and Nosema Apis’ elimination.

Beekeeper : Papaionannou Sotiris – Location: Trikala , Central Greece

Mid of September 2007 , Sotiris was seriously concerned because of the bees conditions showing the following symptoms.

-Bees with swollen abdomen, unable to defecate.
-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives unable to fly.

We supplied Vangelis with the appropriate number of Aloe Vera drink No 15, along with the application instructions and he proceeded accordingly.

Upon completion of the applications, Sotiris noticed and reported to us the following:

-The next day of the first application the abdomen of bees were deflated.
-Presence of yellow streaks in the flight deck and outside the hives, as well as in
the truck’s windshield, evidencing the infestation of bees by Nosemosis.
-Upon completion of the 3rd application the bees were fully recovered and were
flying in a very strong manner
-The entire population looks extremely healthy

An impressed Sotiris for such results, he also reported that in the hives treated with Aloe Vera for Nosemosis, it was observed NEW BROOD, extremely healthy, Solidly spread wall-to-wall of the frames..
We can assist you too, to overcome the problem of Nosemosis.

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