Another success of Nosemosis and Nosema Apis’ elimination.
Beekeeper : Pavlides Vangelis – Location: Litochoro, Northern Greece

Beginning of February 2008, Vangelis was worried because upon the inspection of the hives he observed the following symptoms:

-Plenty of yellow streaks in the flight deck and inside the hives.
-The bees were crawling in the front of the hives unable to fly.
-A general slow spring build up was very obvious.

Upon microscopic examination the sample found with 5.500 spores, evidencing the high degree of infestation.

As it is known treatment of Nosemosis with chemical products and means is strictly prohibited, thus Vangelis approached us requiring our assistance in eliminating Nosemosis.

We supplied Vangelis with the appropriate number of Aloe Vera drinks No 15, along with the application instructions and he proceeded accordingly.

Upon completion of the applications, samples were taken again for microscopic examination and in the analyzed sample found 200 (YES Two hundred ONLY) spores.

24/32008 Vangelis reported:
No signs of Nosema Apis
The bees are flying in a very strong manner
The entire population looks extremely healthy
An increase number of new healthy brood appeared.

That’ s how we got the nickname of “Nosema Apis busters” in our country.

We can assist you too, to overcome the problem of Nosemosis.

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